Our Story

About Chu on This Studio

Chu on This Studio is a Canadian brand and online shop. We design cute, modern products that seek to spark a sense of childhood nostalgia. The greeting cards are the core of our business, but we also have canvas tote bags and prints, and many other products coming soon!

Our team currently includes Annie (founder and artist), Jennifer (our production manager), Candace (our marketing manager), and Bianca (our cakepop expert).  We are based in Toronto, Canada and on Vancouver Island (Victoria and Nanaimo), Canada. 

About Annie Chu, Founder and Artist

From the moment she could hold a pencil, Annie has been a self-proclaimed artist. Back in the late 1980's in her birthplace of Taiwan, it was still a big deal to be a left-handed kid. But Annie's parents insisted on letting her be herself in this way, telling everyone who would listen that left-handed people are more creative. This was the start of a lifelong journey to prove it!

First came the culinary travel blog, Chu on This. Annie started the blog while in law school,  and continues to operate it today while working as a professional development lawyer. Over time, she also started pulling out the paint brushes and found herself in a very happy place—spending weekends with an easel and a Harry Potter podcast. 

She soon ventured into the world of cards, making a few for her friends and coworkers, but lacked the time to expand production any further. But when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Annie, like so many others, found herself with a surplus of time at home. She converted her apartment den into an artist studio and started painting every free evening she had, and Chu on This Studio was born!